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The secret

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

A long awaited one from me again.

Life throws so many chances at you. A million chances. Yet we disregard them acting busy in our mundane stuff. I saw the video Secret few months ago. Its magical! Never really thought that an inspirational video could do so much for me. Of course it talks of magic! Yes! magic it is, since I believe in magic and that it exists. The magic of belief and positivity was bound to click with me.

Having had a whirlwind of incidents in life where I faced all possible things that I thought I will never face and the agony of being stuck in a world of responsibilities, Secret provided such a breather. You are what you believe! You create your destiny in your own mind. I mean WOW!! that's kind of powerful to me. Sitting here writing this blog in my new space and stature, I want to appeal that one must believe in the Secret!! it will always work. So beware of what you wish and think, the universe is listening

And now..I will be more regular!!

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