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Plants: My Best Companions

This morning when I was trying to tie a rope from one end of my balcony to the other, not for clothes but for one of my climbers, I felt...

Where does the Coronavirus stay?

This question is bothering me for a while now. A few days ago the nth news of someone not responding to treatment came to us and we all...

The Judgemental Self

When we judge people we are actually showing our thoughts to the world more than what they are.

Defining HER Dignity

Women need to be respected and given due dignified treatment -Period. But incidents like BoysLockerRoom prove otherwise.

'Girl' Friends: Your tonic of survival

Women uplifting women and supporting each other is the new narrative and this blog is all about having Girl-friends at each stage of life.

My ‘Chai Sessions’ with me

Go on and claim this time of your life, “What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be”.

The magic weave of six yards

In a way I attracted the saree and the saree attracted me. I guess this can be used as an example to prove the “Law of Attraction”,can’t it?

Which goddess are you?

May the goddesses within rise and shine in each one of us this navratri and awaken all the divine qualities that maketh a Woman.

#MeToo Take 2 India too

#MeToo is our chance as a generation to make sure that we give the coming generations a better society and a changed mindset.

The Enemy called Self-Doubt

So many small enemies reside within us and we think that the world outside is our enemy.


At the end of a hectic day it’s such a relaxing feeling to cosy up on that couch and have your favourite cup of tea. You are home! A...

The secret

Life throws so many chances at you. A million chances. Yet we disregard them acting busy in our mundane stuff.

being a mother

Life with a child can be extremely enthusiastic and equally challenging at the same time....


Maturity - a label you earn when you start sacrificing yourself for others......

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