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Neha Joshi

I am a soul searcher and a classic combination of old and new. sticking to my roots yet flying high to achieve my dreams! 

Writing is a passionate thing for me and the words come out from deep within. I write because it settles me and puts me in perspective. It is like meditating, like being me, being one with myself. I almost cannot write if I do not feel the words that are coming out. So its that real when I pen them. Its like 'They' become 'Me'. 

I started writing way back in school when my favourite thing was to write essays and letters to dear ones. Ever since then I have always been writing in some form as a note, scribbling small thoughts in diaries, writing poetries, quotes, and much more in all 3 languages known to me - English, Hindi and my mother tongue Marathi. So much so that I stuck to it even being a CA and made it into my profession where I work as a Marketing Content Specialist in finance and tax domain.

Not a surprise then that I am here with all my inner wanderings pouring out. 

Writer|Dreamer|Thinker|Wanderer|Free Spirit

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