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Which goddess are you?

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

The whole divine feeling of Navratri celebrations have left my heart filled with all the possible feminine emotions a woman can ever feel and is identified with. Love, affection, care, connection, energy, generosity and many more. Although there is a bitter taste too with the #MeTooIndia campaign gaining grounds and the feelings of remorse, constant guilt of why we never speak up, anger and resentment to name a few.

However the divine has its own scheme of things. Since times immemorial we have seen women struggle for every bit that they rightfully deserve. This makes me believe that maybe being born as a feminine energy requires you to go through a series of ordeals and yet emerge like a burning fire that can give warmth to the world and engulf it in its flames at the same time. Such is the power of the ‘Shakti’.

The three main goddesses that we all worship are the Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga. So which one is it that you would like to identify with? Which one do you feel is an extension of you and brings out your character?

The Durga, undoubtedly has been the most fascinating of the devi avatars to me. The fact that she represents all things that are innately feminine and powerful is what attracts me. Right from her culinary skills in the form of Annapurna, her power in the form of Durga, her fierceness in the form of Kali, her creativity in the form of Prakriti, her beauty and devotion in the form of Parvati all are so very attractive. She maintains the balance in the universe as well as nourishes it. Creates the nature as well as destroys it. The endless cycle of life and birth is controlled by her.

So when I think of myself and many other women I realize that we all do the same things. We are the managers of our entire households where we take care of food, we give birth to a life, nourish it and make sure that all evil shaktis around it are destroyed, we are the symbols of beauty inner and outer both.

But then there is a Saraswati inside me too when I think of my inclinations and the goddess bestowed talents of writing and music. Rarely have I heard stories around Saraswati in my life, the way I have heard them of Durga. However, this equally fascinating goddess has been responsible for bestowing so many virtues on us. A symbol of wisdom, knowledge, science, music and art is a guide to all of us on our path to super consciousness. She is the one who guides us on our path to self-realization even.

Each woman has a Saraswati in her when she absorbs and then imparts knowledge in many forms. When she procreates in the form of Prakriti and nurtures her child, she becomes the first teacher of the child too and fulfills the duties as a Saraswati. Lifelong she continues to lead the family and her children on the path to knowledge and wisdom.

Lastly and majorly, aren’t we all the Lakshmi’s of our lives. The goddess of wealth and prosperity resides deep within us all. The Lakshmi inside us is the driver of everything we do at the end of the day. So much so, that every little angel is considered a Lakshmi avatar when she is born. Businesses consider women as auspicious as they are looked upon as carriers of wealth and prosperity.   Although I think I do not pursue wealth as such, will she be far behind when I earnestly worship the Shakti and Saraswati.

It is so empowering to feel these energies within us. This is what is the true worship of the goddess I feel. To realize, that they reside within us and guide us in every step. Let us bow down to these immense symbols of power, knowledge and prosperity  in us.

May the goddesses within rise and shine in each one of us this navratri and awaken all the divine qualities that maketh a Woman.

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