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When Life paused and Introspected – Corona Times

The weather around today seems heavy with not only a species of virus that is travelling the world around but also with fear, uncertainty and a certain urge. An urge to stop and think for the very first time. To literally be at stand still and shut down everything else and the race around us.

As slowly the economies slow down and pursuit of profits take a back seat, we are forced to think whether we were really going in the right direction at all? Were we chasing the right things? A microorganism as we may call it slowly seeped in and devastated the world that was busy making money and merry. A world where nothing stops for anything has now paused and taken cognizance of life in its real spirit. We are suddenly locked in our houses with dear ones and are spending time with those that matter the most. Did we really need this rude shock to realize this? We are understanding the importance of our species and the balance that we need to strike with other species. A sudden change has shook us all and we are silenced by the aftermath.

The one thing that made the world go round – money has taken a backseat and made us rethink about the real things that make life worth living. I today saw a video where a couple in Wuhan was overcoming the impossible through only love and being there for each other in these tough times. The husband caring for his wife who contracted the virus and making sure that her spirits are high enough to take her out of this deadly disease.

Life as it seems is made up of multiple elements and whenever a single element takes over the entire life there is bound to be a catastrophe. Just like the economies the world over, thought of themselves to be clever enough when they established a powerful community on the basis of money and capitalism. However, we all collapsed under the pressure from a small virus that brought everything down in a few months’ time. Intelligence in many ways makes us dumb too when it blinds us.

I had read a quote “Stop the World I want to get down”. This seems like that now. The world has STOPPED and is getting down to live but seems that the station has long passed by and we now are getting down to survive. Humans – the most spectacular species that conquered the earth, yet the most vulnerable ones that was defeated by nature.

Wishing one and all a safe journey through these times. We will overcome this.

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