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Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Quite a hesitant entry  into this whole wide public world of blogging.....didn't really think that it was meant for me. But I think there are too many thoughts that go unsaid, unheard and unwritten. i must find an outlet for those. may be I wont be that regular I guess..I will however use this space to unwind.

Mind is always hungry to work upon a thought and heart is always struggling to be free of thoughts and wander away in a free direction. The constant tussle between these two is the greatest battle that one faces. Wish we could lead a life that was free of prejudices. On one side if we really wish, we can just listen to our hearts and just follow instincts ..and life can be so beautiful. However the adult thinking mind, rationale and reasoning always succeeds and overpowers. Is this an irony of life or is it just the way it should be....?

You may feel i am lost....but then.... when you start losing yourself to this world and the change in you bothers do feel this. People say, this is how you mature. Maturity - a label you earn when you start sacrificing yourself for others......

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