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being a mother

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Life with a child can be extremely enthusiastic and equally challenging at the same time. Its like you feel like dying for that innocent face and the most amazing smile on the child's face and yet get irritated beyond imagination and bang your head for bearing a child. Believe me this happens every few hours in the early i guess years to be precise of being a first time mother.

Yet it is a unique experience. Although children are 'patience boosting' machines, they are also a complete entertainment package and innocence par imagination. Udit, my son, makes me realise so many things that we just forget as we grow up. just like..the only real things that we need to survive are food, water, sleep and loads of love from our family. But then we still keep cribbing about that extra salary, diamonds, etc etc...I mean i do not want to sound philosophical but then rest of the wordly pleasures do fall in place at the end of the day.

Another biggest virtue is that of innocence and simplicity. No matter how much I scold him, make a fool of him, leave him to cry at times, he will still have an unflinching faith in me. He does it so simply...that it really feels that we are fools to waste our time disbelieving people, troubling our heads and getting hurt. Wish God could make us and maintain us childlike forever.

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