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Updated: Jun 25, 2019

At the end of a hectic day it’s such a relaxing feeling to cosy up on that couch and have your favourite cup of tea. You are home! A place, where your loved ones stay, a place that defines and has moulded you. A place of total acceptance. It is so strengthening to have this feeling that there is always a place that will never deny you ‘Come what may’. Its ok to be grumpy, to be sad, to be angry, happy, insane, excited, to be You. 

This was what exactly I felt one day when everything and everyone seemed so unaccepting of who I am and my actions. Each one of us is extremely judgmental by nature. We love to label people and I was being labeled a certain way. I was being accused of being weak, being biased and being stubborn in my ways. I absolutely wanted to be ‘Home’ at that moment. To be in a place where I was accepted and respected for who I am. 

Each one of us needs this space. Although Home is that place for most of us it can also be a place where we are welcome with open arms and open hearts. It is very essential to have loved ones who do not judge you all the time and ask you to behave differently and not be a certain way because those are considered as disturbing or non-acceptable traits. Anger, irritation, sadness, feeling low are all equally a part of us just as happiness, calmness, compassion and peace are. As I spoke with a friend today she told me that its acceptance of these emotions that makes us overcome them. Its so true!! Isn’t it? I have been very blessed to have people in my life who have made me accept my anger and other negative emotions. It somehow instantly takes you out of the situation magically. You just come out of that emotion. 

So when I say Home, I mean it’s all these people in your life as well. They need to be there in our lives to shake us out of the emotion that kills us. Home is where we feel truly accepted as a whole with all our traits be it good or bad. We can evolve only when that happens. A patient parent, an accepting and self-assuring friend, siblings who know you and encourage you to be yourself are some such people who you definitely need in life. One must always make an effort to be around them and nurture these relationships. They are the ones who will anchor you when you really need. 

Going a bit beyond this, something that you should always remember is self-acceptance. Accept and take responsibility for all that you do. Every time you feel that disturbing thought of not being what you ought to be, just remind yourself that it’s ok to be what you are. Feel the emotion and let it pass. It’s ok to reach out to loved ones and friends who will understand. It’s ok not to meet expectations of people all the time. You have the permission to disappoint and not please people all the times. A while ago I listened to this amazing lecture by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the bestseller ‘Eat Pray Love’. She beautifully explained how we always stay in fear and guilt and how it takes away all our creativity. We must learn to forgive ourselves and live without fear. 

Unburden yourself. Breathe and let go!

Once you do this you will feel that you are already Home with yourself. 

Home - a place and a feeling where you accept yourself. Be yourself.. one with the soul.

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